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Tired of “mainstream” birth control?

Confused about your options for contraception?

Looking to fill the gaps left from sub-par sex education?

Hoping to ditch the hormones but not sure where to start?

Want to feel more confident and educated about your fertility cycle?


Her-tility is a brand new approach to a very old concept for contraception – fertility awareness. Learn to chart your menstrual cycles, avoid fertile days, and gain a better understanding of how your female body was meant to function.

Her-tility was born when author & instructor Camille Nyman discovered exactly how common it was for women to have no understanding of how or why their menstrual cycles worked (or didn’t!) on a basic level.  The gap left between high school level sex education and real-world experiences was huge. As friend after friend shared their struggles with contraception that just didn’t fit them or their lifestyles, she decided something had to be done. Women need birth control that isn’t one size fits all. Her-tility is that answer, working to eliminate contraception confusion and remove the fear from fertility charting.

What makes us different from other “natural family planning” courses? In this class you will learn…

  • All currently available forms of birth control. Their risks, benefits, failure rates, and potential side effects.
  • How the male & female reproductive systems work, including the hormones that run the show.
  • What fertility awareness is about. Common myths, misconceptions, and how to pick the right style for you.
  • What you actually need to get started and be successful charting.
  • How to combine fertility charting with other forms of birth control. (No abstinence only education.)
  • How to use fertility charting to grow in your body literacy, and recognize when you should seek out a reproductive health professional.

…and that’s just the beginning!

Next workshop December 2, 2018

The Womb Room, Baltimore | 6:00 – 10:00 PM  | $149.00 Advance Registration

Female-focused groups | Private individual or couples sessions | Video-chat distance learning


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