Mommy Takes Drugs

CW: This post contains descriptions of anxiety & panic attacks as well as discussion of perinatal loss that may be triggering for some. 


Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen Tablets on a Prescription Form


Got ya there with that title, didn’t I? While the statement itself is currently true, let’s back up a little bit and get some context.

Many of you who follow me may know that we were expecting a new baby this fall. You may have had a general idea of his “due” date, and you may have known he was a rainbow baby. What you may not have known, is exactly how emotionally fraught the end of this pregnancy was for me and how tumultuous the events were that immediately followed his birth. So let’s revisit life around 38 weeks, when things started to get interesting. Continue reading

What asking for help taught me about Postpartum Depression

As many of you who follow me and my work know, I’m currently at the tail-end of awaiting the arrival of a new baby. This being the third birth my husband and I are planning for, we’ve done many things along the way differently, trying to remedy the wrongs of our previous experiences and enhance the one we are currently living.

One of the many choices we’ve made differently this time around is planning a homebirth, attended by two of the loveliest, most competent midwives I’ve had the pleasure to meet. That plan alone, one would assume would be the ‘thing’ people would gasp at and dissect. To my pleasant surprise, the responses have on the whole been heartwarming and supportive. However this week, I apparently did something FRINGE and entirely ROGUE in our pregnancy and postpartum planning, and I didn’t even realize it at the time. Continue reading

April the Giraffe and Talking to My Kids About Birth

For much of the modern Western World, the most exciting thing to happen this week had nothing to do with what you might expect (Easter, Spring Break, the “usual” mid April fun-tivities).

NOPE. Millions (yes, literally millions) of people sat glued to televisions, mobile phones, laptops and tablets, eyes fixed on the hind parts of a certain giraffe. April the Giraffe, to be specific. If you had asked me a year ago if a zoo animal giving birth could capture the attention of so many simultaneously I would have absolutely, wholeheartedly said “No way!” Yet, here we are. It wasn’t so much the novelty of a giraffe giving birth, you can find any number of videos of such scattered across the interwebs with paltry views. It was the fact that the keepers at Animal Adventure Park had this fantastic idea – capitalize on our voyeuristic society, set up a live 24 hour “giraffe cam” in April’s enclosure, and hopefully raise awareness (and thus funding) for their zoo program. And we took the bait!  Continue reading

Choosing Home Birth in the Age of Intervention (The stats might surprise you!)

©Abundant Birth Support

By Camille Nyman, GBCE, SBD


“Love begins at home…”

-Mother Teresa




Shared with permission. Ashly, USA



“…the most incredible experience of my life.” – Emily, USA

“The best thing I’ve ever done.” – Teresa, USA

“…empowering and emotionally satisfying.” – Ashley, Canada

“I was…so relaxed.” – Michelle, USA

“Best experience so far.” – Kirsten, Australia

“I was…singing through the contractions!” – Louise, Ireland

“I can’t wait to do it again!” – Chelsea, USA



When you think about “birth”, the quotes above are probably not the kind of phrases that immediately come to mind. Every day across the globe, thousands of babies are being born.

“The UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. The crude birth rate is 18.9 births per 1,000 population or 255 births globally per minute or 4.3 births every second (as of Dec. 2013 estimate)” [1] (emphasis added).

Year after year, medical advancements are made in obstetric and neonatal medicine. New techniques are studied for pain relief, efforts are made to offset lasting injury, and professionals work to lower infant and maternal death rates internationally. Unfortunately, the culture surrounding birth in developed nations has become increasingly fear-based and intervention heavy, with thousands of women receiving interventions in birth whether they need them or not. I decided to investigate –  do women really have choices in childbirth? Is home birth a viable option for positive birth? Here’s what I found. Continue reading

When it’s just not funny

Content Warning: Post contains discussion of perinatal loss, miscarriage, and possibly triggering examples of social media posts.


*This post was originally featured during the winter holiday season. While the date is different, April Fool’s Day presents us with another excellent opportunity to support friends & family struggling with infertility & loss.*



It’s the holiday season again! Many of us are knee deep in baking, family gatherings, ugly sweaters, and church services. We’re gazing at lights (or still untangling them!) and trudging through slush and snow. We’re trying to stay cozy and also sane.  Continue reading

Mind, Body, Mama, Baby

Stress. Sleeplessness. Reflux. Tension headaches. Posterior. Breech.

Any of these terms sound familiar?

Any of the above can be worrisome for expectant mamas. If you’re in your third trimester, these things (and more) can be particularly troubling. Dealing with the stressors of daily life combined with the prospect of a long, difficult delivery can be enough to make any mom throw her hands up in overwhelmed exasperation. Maybe this is your first baby and you just want “everything to go right.” Maybe this is a subsequent baby after experiencing a challenging or traumatic birth in your past. Maybe you’ve Continue reading

Healing Myself

You’d think after the years I’ve been a chronic pain sufferer (migraines, endometriosis, PCOS, IBS….the list goes on…) I’d have started really digging into alternative therapies earlier.  Here’s the thing – alternative therapies and homeopathy are OUT THERE.  They’re out of common practice, out of the realm of coverage from your typical health insurance, out of understanding from many typical health care providers, and -the big one- OUT OF POCKET (code for often expensive).  Yet years passed (starting at age 11….I’ll let you infer how long that means the pain has been chronic 😉 ) and the more hopeless at a “cure” and the more discouraged I became with the cycle of pain, the less I delved into finding some other option. Continue reading

An Abundant Beginning

Welcome, friends!  I am so glad you’re here.  Here, at the very beginning.  Here, at the start of a beautiful new journey.  Years in the dreaming and hoping stage, and now at its inception, Abundant Birthworks was born firstly, from my utmost desire to be a servant. Second, from the deep passion I have to empower and uplift the women I encounter in life.  Lastly, as a powerful reminder that when women are supported and encouraged in the desires of their heart – the world can be changed in ways we’ve yet to even imagine!  I believe there are few things in this life more precious than new life, and I am so honored and thrilled to have begun this work.  Assisting women as they go through the miraculous transition to motherhood.  Very few people will ever be witness to this transformative experience as a support person and I am thrilled to be among them!  It is my sincere desire that the women I support as their birth doula will experience empowered, peaceful, wonder-filled births, walking away with a new-found confidence in themselves and what they are capable of.