“I was past my due date and didn’t want to try any ‘contraction starting’ methods easily found on the Internet because of an irritable uterus. Camille’s advice was timely, respectful, knowledgeable, and best of all effective! We got the baby into the right position so we could start labor naturally, which contributed to an amazing, empowering birth experience.”

-Jenni B.

“I highly recommend you look into the GentleBirth course with Camille!! This was so worthwhile for us and I’m looking forward to using what we learned when Bambino chooses to make his appearance! I feel so much more at ease and less anxious about the labor & birth process, & totally empowered that we will be able to ensure we have the best, safest & most educated birth possible. Plus Camille is the bomb.com; totally great at making you feel justified in your questions (even the ones that feel stupid to ask) and super knowledgeable in her line of work.”

-Amanda H.

“Our experience with Camille was great. She was so sweet and very attentive throughout my pregnancy, and always had assuring things to say when I had a question or concern. She is very knowledgeable and confident in what she does. During labor, she was also reassuring, comforting, and made me feel safe. I will definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy doula!”

-Tristan N.

“My wife and I attended your Gentle Birthing class in September. As we get closer to the birth of our first child and are preparing for labor, I feel the need to reach out to you and thank you for your class. As a first time father, there are plenty of things that scare me about this process – everything from my wife’s changing body/behavior to labor to the actual birth. I had bought several books to try and understand how I could be the best partner possible during this time and provide my wife the support she needs, and none of them were as helpful as your class. The books basically say “be the rock for your wife” and were not very helpful. Your class, while many may think initially is just for mothers, should be required for all fathers/partners/spouses. Your explanation of the biological, physiological, and psychological changes that women undergo throughout this process was illuminating. Not only do these explanations give me a better understanding of what my wife goes through, but it gives me a more profound understanding of how to help her through pregnancy and labor. Knowing why and how these changes are happening, as well what I can do to make this easier on her, is invaluable. It’s already helped me in doctor’s appointments leading up to the birth, and I feel better prepared to contribute to the successful, gentle and natural birth my wife wants. I don’t want to ramble or repeat, but I honestly can’t thank you enough. I have already recommended your class to some of our friends, and I will continue to do so as more of our friends become pregnant.”

Bennett M.