What asking for help taught me about Postpartum Depression

As many of you who follow me and my work know, I’m currently at the tail-end of awaiting the arrival of a new baby. This being the third birth my husband and I are planning for, we’ve done many things along the way differently, trying to remedy the wrongs of our previous experiences and enhance the one we are currently living.

One of the many choices we’ve made differently this time around is planning a homebirth, attended by two of the loveliest, most competent midwives I’ve had the pleasure to meet. That plan alone, one would assume would be the ‘thing’ people would gasp at and dissect. To my pleasant surprise, the responses have on the whole been heartwarming and supportive. However this week, I apparently did something FRINGE and entirely ROGUE in our pregnancy and postpartum planning, and I didn’t even realize it at the time. Continue reading