April the Giraffe and Talking to My Kids About Birth

For much of the modern Western World, the most exciting thing to happen this week had nothing to do with what you might expect (Easter, Spring Break, the “usual” mid April fun-tivities).

NOPE. Millions (yes, literally millions) of people sat glued to televisions, mobile phones, laptops and tablets, eyes fixed on the hind parts of a certain giraffe. April the Giraffe, to be specific. If you had asked me a year ago if a zoo animal giving birth could capture the attention of so many simultaneously I would have absolutely, wholeheartedly said “No way!” Yet, here we are. It wasn’t so much the novelty of a giraffe giving birth, you can find any number of videos of such scattered across the interwebs with paltry views. It was the fact that the keepers at Animal Adventure Park had this fantastic idea – capitalize on our voyeuristic society, set up a live 24 hour “giraffe cam” in April’s enclosure, and hopefully raise awareness (and thus funding) for their zoo program. And we took the bait!  Continue reading