Affirmations for Positive Birth (Plus a FREE Printable!)

Birth Affirmation 18


Have you introduced the use of positive affirmations to your pregnancy? Humans have been using language to uplift, affirm, and solidify belief for thousands of years, but you don’t have to be a yogi to take advantage of the effects of positive language! 


Birth Affirmation 6


I remember being pregnant with my daughter – unsure of so many things, trying to navigate all of the “advice” available to me. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted my birth to look like, but I DID know I needed to become my own best cheerleader. So I grabbed a stack of neon yellow post-it notes and started scribbling. Phrase after phrase that was encouraging to me poured out onto those little yellow stickies! My husband can attest they ended up EV.ERY.WHERE. in our home over the next several months. I’m pretty sure he pulled them out of the laundry at least once after I’d tucked one in a pocket at some point! It might have seemed like overkill at first, but over time I didn’t so much read the affirmations every time I saw them, as I constantly absorbed their presence all around me. They became so much a part of my daily routine that I saw them without thinking, and in doing so I recalled them without thinking during my labor.They became part of me. 


Birth Affirmation 9


I’ve come a long way since those yellow sticky note days, but with each subsequent pregnancy I have found the use of visible affirmations indispensable. As much as I encourage you to train your brain through childbirth education and daily mindfulness practice like I teach in Gentlebirth classes, I doubly encourage you to surround yourself visually with reminders of how very capable you are. To that end, I’ve created a set of simple and beautiful birth affirmation cards for you to print right at home! (They’ll complement your decor way more than post-its, I promise!) Hang them in your home birth space, tape them to your bathroom mirror, print them on heavy cardstock and laminate to carry with you (these are great when hole punched in a corner and slipped on a key ring in your hospital bag!) Use them anywhere YOU are….and train your brain for a more positive birth! What the mind believes, the body achieves. You got this, girl.


Download your 18 FREE birth affirmation cards here!



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